Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday!

After 180 blog posts of relentless yapping, I finally complete 4 whole years of my online existence. Yes 24th July was officially the 4th Anniversary of my blog. What started as a not-so-thought about introduction has helped me to “voice” my opinion to you unsuspecting souls for all this while.

Thank you for having patiently read my blog and also for having commented occasionally :) !! On this happy occasion, I decided to play around with the data that I have collected and bore you readers with some mundane statistics. So (drum roll please) here is the best statistics I could collect:

Number of Blog Posts 180
Most commented Blog Post My Language Problem
Most viewed Blog Post Wasabi
First Blog Post Hello World
Most common label for Blog Posts funny

And now, like a true wanna-be statistician, here is some analysis of my Blog Posts.

Let me be very frank. I try hard to be funny on this blog. Yeah. If you have not realized all this while I have been desperately trying hard to crack silly jokes to make you guys smile. But very early in the existence of this blog I realized that most people do not realize that I am trying to be funny (thanks to my sense of humor – or the lack of it!). So I started labelling my blog posts "funny” for people to “laugh please”.

Funny Stats

As you can see I am funniest in March, September and December. So following the logic that I proposed in this blog post, girls interested in meeting me should schedule to meet me only in those 3 months :) !! (My Calendar is open as of now)

Blog posts per month

And then, I tend to write the most in July. That's because every July I have my blog’s anniversary, and it makes me feel all the more to write I guess. Or probably I am most free in those months :) !!

Blog post per Week day

This is the last stupid statistic that I pulled out. Apparently I blog most on Weekends (understandable!). What I found interesting is that I tend to blog a lot on Wednesdays. So I guess I face mid-week crisis and try to cheer myself up by writing to you folks.

That's it from me. Thank you for being a part of my life.


  1. Hey Girish,
    Cogratulations on the 4th anniversary of ur Blog:)Thank u for such an entertaining and informative stuff u've been posting so far .Hope to get more in coming years.Keep it up.

  2. Tune ye nahi likha what kind of links you put the most in your blog... i would say # 1 is youtube and # 2 is wiki...

    right ?

    Congratulations dear! You write awesome and I love it :-) I do laugh on your funny without reading the label.. But saaarrrryyy I laugh on your non-funny post as well ;-) ha ha :)

    Stay cool... enjoy life!!!

  3. And yeah.. who says guys don't remember dates???????????????

  4. I meant anniversary like dates :)(in your case blogging anniversary) not anything else! :P

  5. Statistically successful do you think your blog is ? numbers...numbers....

  6. My blog is V.E.R.Y. successful. It is read by one Mr. Praveen Kumar Gadi from the United States of America. Its the quality that matters, not the quantity. 1 is enough :) !!