Monday, December 8, 2008

Tropical Paradise

5 months in my university and I have started liking the climate out here. Though insanely humid at times, it rains almost every alternate day. And once it rains, this place is lush green everywhere. The rain soaked trees make a beautiful sight, so much so that I sometimes feel I am in a tropical hotel rather than a university. I have to take extra efforts to get me outta this vacation mood and study :) !!

Halls of Residence Soaked road

View from my hostel room Lawned building

Its been raining like crazy since morning and I haven't felt like opening my books yet. Thought I post this and make myself feel guilty so that I start studying :) !!!


  1. is this a hill station in Mh?? haha...
    main to kabhi padhai nahi karta.. i would be out clicking......

  2. It's really veryyy scenic..majja ahe.