Friday, December 12, 2008

Formal Scare!

I hate attending meetings that require me to dress up in formal attire. Not that I hate the suits and the ties, but considering my body type (read the capacity to sweat), this kind of attire for me is very uncomfortable especially in a warm and humid climate like Singapore!

Today I spent almost an entire day dressed in formal attire and now that I am outta it, I feel at peace with myself! All because of following the westerners and their attire and being dumb enough to forget that they come from countries where it actually snows 6 months of the year!

I seriously believe that the warm humid countries should come up with their own definition of a formal attire which involves wearing a light cotton shirt and a pair of shorts with flip-flops. After all, if you are not comfortable wearing something at a formal occasion, what's the point in being there? (I spent half of my time fiddling with the tie and the collar as that was the only place from where I could release the steam building inside me). I could have easily cooked an entire meal for a family of 4 (boiled eggs, mashed potatoes and beans) by just keeping them in my shirt pocket for the entire day!

That was the grumpy sweaty me protesting :)


  1. Hilarious! I cudn't stop laughing, imagining Girish presenting in shorts nd flip-flop :D
    I think you should take this initiative whenever u gonna start ur company, I would like to work:P

  2. :d.. mast .. superb..

    this is the Girish I know ;-)

    Very nice post.. totally hillarious..


  3. hey damn funny .... i luv reading ur posts.... :)