Friday, November 21, 2008

The art of swimming

Me writing about swimming is like a Hippopotamus teaching you to fly. But then, my kindergarten teachers taught me that nothing is impossible in this world, and I am exploring the limits of it. For those of you who know me well (yeah that means all of you :) !!) the only sensible physical exercise that I can do (other than left-click and right-click of course!) is swimming. This is all thanks to my tryst with a manhole 5 years back and my subsequent knee injury (remind me to write about that fateful night someday when I am sad and down in the dumps (pun intended) :) !!).

Hippo in Water

So for the greater part of this year, I have been desperately trying to swim. This routine involves me getting in from one end of a perfectly calm swimming pool, and then subsequently creating a turbulence in the water fit enough to cause a tornado. People swimming around me seem to suddenly drift away and I bet, I look like a drain hole as pictured by a Google satellite from above :)

But then, persistence, thy name is Girish, and my quest to reach the other end of the pool continues. At times I have seen the sun rise and set above me and people suddenly looking older as I desperately try to still reach the other end of the pool. Theory of relativity at play, I bet :) !!

Finally, I decided to improve my swimming skills by asking the Internet. Yeah, and I figured one major issue in my swimming. You are supposed to roll your body with every stroke that you take while doing a front crawl stroke. What that means is that all times you are on your side and not flat inside the water. So while your left hand is stretched out your body is turned to the right. This was a MAJOR tip for me. I have been trying doing this for the greater part of this week, and I somehow seem to make it to the other end of the pool before the dawn of the next millennium.


  1. Funny tht u r.. the hippo kind of reminds me of you :P

  2. :) .. nice.. Hope you can get time to study too.. and not spend entire day in learning to go from one end of the pool to the other..

    well only unless you have a good
    ;-) company to stay there for such a long time (Read 'good' with special replacement;-))

    chal take care buddy.. Enjoy the help from Internet always ~


  3. Hey buddy, ur tryst with the manhole 5 yrs back.
    I guess i remember that one.
    Didnt know it ended up that bad with knee injury and all.
    Anyway, keep swimming!!!

  4. who is friend of your's who thinks you remind her of a hippo .... :-) with friends like her, i guess you dont enemies .. hahaha .. just kidding ..

  5. @Pam -- I know all ugly things remind you of me!

    @Krupa -- Exercise is important -- All work and no play makes Girish a dull boy :) !!

    @Sady -- Yeah Sady you know the incident the best. My knee hasn't recovered yet :( !!

  6. Arre! y do ya try la! that night 5 yrs ago, u decided to have an adventure night and landed in a manhole. Now why this zest for swimming and afftecting our weather conditions (remember butterfly effect...god knows wat repercussions ur wild waving of arms will have..((and hey! i aint comparing u here to a beautiful and graceful butterfly here..dont preen :P)).
    y do u just make it easy for eveyone....just wallow in the pool na like the hippo or a buffalo...i know there are no mud holes in make do with the pool. ruminate there and exercise ur eyes ;-).

  7. Me like the hippo very much!