Saturday, September 27, 2008

Made History

So I went for the practice session of the first ever grand prix held at night in Singapore. My first experience of watching a F1 race live. Breath taking indeed. Figured out that F1 cars are really noisy and very fast. So fast that your ordinary point and click camera can do nothing but click photos of the track sans the car.

Also figured that F1 merchandise is expensive and the city looks awesome under lights. I am saving the ticket to sell for millions of dollars 30 years from now to fund my retired life. This is what I call planning ;) !! Those of you who want to drool on the priceless artifact, it is made available here for your viewing pleasure only.

The Ticket 

Thought that this picture of the track makes it look serene ... enjoy!

The Track


  1. Kewl man, it's gr8 to be part of the History. V hoping for the 2010-India-Grand pix :P
    I'm writing this just to request our to-be Millionaire not to forget his old-poor friends after 30 yrs.[;)]

  2. haha how come u didn't sound very excited...u shall be able to figure out more things there..other than it is expensive and fast and noisy....

    btw i guess i let u down as 1) i didn't wrote blog a lot 2) i didn't wrote it in english at all.
    I am just super lazy lately...


  3. Yeah, 30 years from now, I will invite you on my yacht when I throw a party to celebrate the money that I will earn then :P

    Liz .. I am an absolute fan of Formula 1 racing, and had to go through a lot of pain to land that ticket :) !!

    And as for non-english blogs, as long as google translate can do the work for me, I can read what you mean :) !!