Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3.0 is available

As you read this blog post your eyelids are becoming heavier and heavier. Everything around you is slowly becoming a blur. There is a cool breeze blowing and you can no longer hold your eyes open. Your eyes are so heavy that they are about to close. You are now breathing very slowly and deeper than usual.

Now you shall do what I ask you to do. You, my dear reader, are completely in my control now. Go download Firefox 3.0 from this link now! I mean now! Click here ....

Stupid jokes apart, I do not find a single reason why you are still waiting to download Firefox 3.0. If you have already been using Firefox 2.xx before, downloading Firefox 3.0 and upgrading it is a breeze (just double click and you are done!). Firefox 3.0 gracefully installs where your old Firefox 2.xx was, and it also upgrades the extensions that you already have to suite itself. What more do you expect?

Also, if Firefox 3.0 is not your favorite browser, you can also set it to be not your default browser. Simple!! If you have always been waiting to download Firefox, today is the most auspicious day. Go download Firefox now.

And finally, to help Firefox set a world record of maximum downloads, please make up your mind and download the fastest browser on earth before 10:00 AM PDT on June 18th 2008, which is 10:30 PM IST on June 18th in our country.

The whole world is downloading. Don't believe me? See this...

And if you have already downloaded, do not forget to collect your own shiny certificate of a Guiness Book World Record :) from here ..

Download Day 2008

Updated 04th July '08: The Guinness book record is now official. Firefox was downloaded more than 8 million times that day, to be precise 8,002,530 downloads on June 18 2008. Congrats everyone, we all are record holders now :) !!


  1. There are hardly 11000 downloads from India, at the time of writing this comment. Jago India Jago!!

  2. Hey zooooooooom...i have downloaded in hindi movie - tu ne meri aankhen kholdi :-0

  3. :( most of the extension (addons) that i use .. are not compatible with this version..
    so will have to upgrade at a later stage..

  4. Weird, well frankly speaking two of my add-ons also stopped working. Cute Menus SVG and Paste and Go 2.0. But they were not that important extensions, so I decided to live without them :) !!

    Abhimanyu, which movie did you download? :)