Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life's changing

Have been making some major changes in my life, and today happened to be one of those turning point days. Yeah, I left the organization that I worked in for the last 5 years. Hmm, walked out with a heavy heart, but I guess it was time to move on. I have made some of my very best friends out there (and incidentally also most of my blog readers :) !!). Gonna miss you ...

So I have now 17 days to my disposal before I take on the next big thing (in my life that is!). Its time to update my "About me" section :)


  1. You have got more readers outside this organization also. Stop crying :P :P

    We will miss you too... All the best for the path ahead. It's gonna be very wonderful.

    Your destiny is great and strong! Remember that!!

  2. Good luck! Study Hard! Keep in touch with your other mother!

  3. Yes Sandie, and yupp me gonna be in touch :) !!

    Thanks Krupa, I trust my destiny is gonna take me places...