Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pulsar Mania

Yaa, ya I know I am not a motorcycle fanatic. I am so bad at recognizing them, that for me all bikes above 400cc look the same. I know most of you motor-heads would love to kill me for that statement of mine. However, lately I have been hanging out with some biking enthusiast junta, and came across this amazing advertisement promoting the Bajaj Pulsar. If you are in India, I bet you have seen this advertisement atleast once. But then, seeing is one thing and assimilating it is quite another. Off I went on a quest to unravel the mystery behind this masterpiece of an advertisement and here is what I could gather. Before I get behind the history of it, here is the video...

And here is the trivia:

Budget: 2.5 crore INR (approximately 600,000 USD)

Location of the shoot: Capetown, South Africa

Ad Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Riders: AC Farias, Matte Griffin (and others!)

AC Farias and Matte Griffin are professional stunt riders and quite famous in Europe. AC Farias' bio says that he has been 2nd in World Championships since 2007. Though I couldn't find much details about Matte online, here is AC Farias' website translated in English, thanks to Google :) !!  

Music: Paul Norwood (Audio Militia)

What strikes me soo hard about the commercial? Well to start off with, they aren't really ranting about how good their product is. The video just starts off with some amazing choreography on stock bikes (mind you all the bikes used in that commercial are strictly Pulsars easily available in India!), as the advertisement progresses, the song tempo increases, and so does the intensity of their stunts. The advertisement is simply awesome, you have to feel it to believe it :) !!

And while I am at the subject of bikes, I would like to sign off with this funny video about "how bikes sound like their names", that has been doing the rounds of the Internet for quite some time. Enjoy...


  1. vrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooom.... go baby go baby..

  2. nice info dude....well i was also thnk fr sumtime abt findin out who did this now...its ok...i can relax...thanks

  3. naish isnt it.. lovely i would say.. the most catchy mobike advertisement i have seen so far.. etched in memory.. also on the hdd..:)
    nice log once again.. u a good writer gmuz :)

  4. I cud see the videos w/t interruption..thanks for the trick.:)