Monday, April 23, 2007

My Apologies

My dear readers!! Sorry for vanishing for more than 23 days without a post. My creative juices (as if there were any!) have completely dried up, and I had no idea what to scribble here for a long long time. Not that I have a topic to write about now, but I thought I just come and prove my existence.

These 20 odd days made me realize that quite a few of you read my blog. I am very happy, and though most of you never comment, in a crisis situation like this, you did let me know :) !! Comments are my post prized possessions and thanks for keeping them coming.

I was trying to analyze where I lost 23 days of my 26th year in life. Hmm, and the culprit is, Nintendo DS Lite. For those of you who do not know what Nintendo DS is, you are too old :) !! Its the hottest selling handheld gaming console, and it was gifted to me by my friends on my birthday. This little devil now eats away atleast 2 hours of my insane life everyday. I have a game called Brain Age installed on it and I am busy burning my midnight oil (I love that phrase :) !!) after it...

I always felt that Sudoku was a fad that will die down soon, but now I am hooked onto it. I was never fond of numbers ... considering that the only numbers that I come across in my life are .. my weight, my waist size, my age, my salary and my bank balance and somehow I am not happy with anyone of them :) !!

Anyways, I guess I need to control this addiction, so I shall be a lot more regular from now on .. and here is a great video of what you can do with cars...


  1. Nintendo DS Lite ... hmm..

    You're blaming a mortal-game for not blogging? huh!! Too much man..

    WEll Still, your apologies accepted :) I think you'll have fun with the numbers always.. May be like how many kids do you have.. and etc.. ;) ;)

    Ok, don't come to kill me now.. I am kidding.. Nice blog..

    Welcome back and now don't go again for a big break like this..

  2. Thou shalt not take more than one week of break between blogs from now. Amen.