Saturday, March 31, 2007

10 Learnings

On the eve of my birthday I thought I treat my readers with a blog. So here I go summarizing 10 things that I have learnt since I landed on this planet.

  1. Never ask a women if she is pregnant, till you see a baby popping out of her.
  2. Writing funny without being offensive is difficult. Its much easy to be funny by teasing someone!
  3. People will like you the most when you keep your mouth shut. Your good friends are those who listen to you!
  4. Not everyone wants to read what you write. If you find yourself expressing your thoughts on a e-group and no one responds, its time you start a blog :) !!
  5. Not all left handed people are talented. (Yupp, you got it right, I am a lefty!)
  6. Girls don't like my kinda guys. (Statistically, I am the only one of my kind :P) You should be able to talk about more things in life than cars and computers.
  7. Money does not buy you happiness (accepted!), but happiness does not give you food, shelter, clothing, gas and that good looking car that you keep on eying all the time.
  8. Cake in your hair is much difficult to get rid of, than the one on your face. So on your birthdays, do not resist the cake smearing routine, unless you are bald.
  9. Singing in front of a crowd of 20 with a voice like mine needs GUTS. Period.
  10. Lists are always made of numbers divisible by 5. So your list can't have 9 points, the 10th one has to be made up :) !!


  1. That sure made a good read !!! You blogs are getting better by the day.

  2. That was fun ..2 good !! Keep it up :)

  3. hey blog more frequently yaar!! U;r blog rocks man..

  4. thanks!! i am out of ideas, so am waiting for my next brainwave to write a blog :) !!!

  5. Where is a new blog? the last one was 15 days ago...

  6. finally i wrote a new blog. thanks for commenting and motivating :) !!