Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy Days

Two weeks past and nothing new to write. Blogging is much more difficult than I thought it to be. The typical life of a programmer is way too sad to write blogs...

As most of you have observed recently, I have been acting like a melodramatic Hindi movie hero with a over grown beard and a droopy look in my eyes (sans the pain relieving *intoxicant* of course ;) ), a complete social recluse!

I did a little bit of soul searching yesterday and I figured out that I am going through a *feel low* phase in my life! This made me wonder about the various moods that I go through, and here I have come up with a *catch all* listing of my moods.. This will help you to figure out when to approach me and when not to :) !!!

Happiest day of the week:
As you guessed right, it has to be a Friday. No questions asked :) ... Even if I have work over the weekend, this day for sure makes me happy. The last hour in the office on a Friday is the best time of my life :) !!

Happiest day of the month:
It has to be the day my salary gets credited in my bank account. It makes me feel as if I have been rewarded for spending soo much over the previous month, that I have been given some more to spend over the next month :) !!!

Happiest day of the year:
Well this is a difficult one to pinpoint on. But this year, I can tell for sure that it was the day I landed in India, and saw my mom, dad and sis patiently waiting for me at the airport. One look, and my fictitious jet lag was gone :) !!

And for everything happy in life, there has to be something sad. The concept of yin-yang you see ;) ...

Saddest day of the week:
Monday morning. Can you imagine my state of mind when I hear the sound of my alarm at 5:20 AM on Mondays?

Saddest day in the month:
Hmm, its the day after my salary. I mean, ok, I got this salary, and they expect me to last on this for a month?! Gimme a break...

Saddest day in the year:
Undoubtedly my birthday! How can someone celebrate getting old? I mean its okay to celebrate till you are 18 (you are actually growing into an adult till then!). After that its just getting older and older... I dread my birthdays :) !!

Now I understand why I am gloomy! Its just cause my birthday is fast approaching :( !! Somebody save me!


  1. He vatsa!

    Samay ek nirakar aur nirantar chakra hai, jiske pahiye ko tu kya koi bhi prani rok nahi sakta.

    To kya hua ki tera janma din nazdik aa raha hai, aakhir jivan kitne samay se nahi kaise samay se napa jata hai. i.e. It doesn't matter how much you lived, important is how you lived!! ;)

    'Feel low' is ok to have once in a while, but you will be tired one day of feeling low, so there will come a 'high' soon. Take my words!!! :D

  2. Thanks for the comment! The gyan, especially "important is how you lived" does ring a bell in my head :) !! I need to do something more productive in life :)

  3. my dear buddy,

    live up to the Yin Yan funda....if there is a monday..there will be a friday :-)


  4. Oh kool guy's b'day is approaching. Point to be noted My Lord.