Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tips for people like me!

Breaking my pledge of writing a blog once every week, here I am sharing something useful that I came across on the big bad world of the internet a few weeks back. Well, its a compilation of articles that help you to get over your habit of procrastination (I had this article lying in my del.icio.us for 2 weeks, before I read it :P).

Let me warn you, its exclusively meant for people like me, so if you are that organized person who knows which trousers you are going to wear on the 3rd Saturday of next month, its not for you..

Also there are some very useful articles about how you can get more organized in life. That reminds me, getting organized is NOT buying a Palm PDA. I have a Palm, but then to get organized, you also need to use it :) !! All said and done, here is the link to the article..



  1. Does anyone know what will they wear on 3rd saturday of next month?

    that's exaggeration. ( I guess actors' PA might only know what tha actor/actress has to wear :D )

    And by the way... remain natural - if natural is called organized so be it.. if not.. I would say do not bother. And ya.. this post was not for me as I am not like you ;)

  2. By the way.. I said remain natural.. that doesn't mean I can behave like a complete disorganized person. I know there is always a limit to any good or bad side of anything. So if you think, there is a scope of improvement then only change....

    Don't mind my thoughts..

  3. Hey!! That was too much gyan for my disorganized self!! I was just helping others gain some knowledge! Not that I expect everyone to be organized overnight :) !!