Sunday, November 12, 2006

Love and Betrayal

I bet my topic got you all thinking! Well I was going to add "sex" somewhere in the title too, cause I had heard that it sells. But then, I ain't selling anything out here, so kinda refrained from using that word :) !!

I don't intend to write a sleazy blog but I just thought I voice my opinion about this thought that has been tossing and turning me for the entire of my last weekend. Well, for most of you I know, this would come as a shock, but I am happily committed to this certain someone whom I met (and subsequently moved in with!) for the past 6 months of my life. I occasionally did glance at others here and there, but have been pretty much committed to her.

But last weekend, I did something terrible. I had to drive down to some place 400 miles from my home and since I care for her so much didn't want her to make that journey (It would be too tiring for her!). I ended up asking someone else to accompany me, and that is where the betrayal started :( !!

For you guys who couldn't make out anything, well I am talking about the Ford Mustang that I rented last week. Now, I am pretty much committed (shall I say am in love?) to my Civic, but the moment I lay my eyes on the Mustang, I could feel myself go weak in my knees.. Civic is certainly adorable and cute, but the Mustang has that nasty look which kinda says that "I wanna be punished" :) The heart pounding roar she gives when you step onto her gas peddle is something out of this world!! And then it was two days and 800 miles of a torrid love affair with a Mustang. But then, as if to punish me, on my way back, the fuel tank of the Mustang started misbehaving, and I started wishing I had got my Civic along with :) !!

Now, I have exactly understood why guys betray. They just go by external appearance and have no regards for feelings. This post was mainly written for me to come over my guilt :P !! I am trying to convince myself that I rented the Mustang, just because I loved my Civic and didn't want her to go so many miles. I hope you agree too ;) !!!


  1. Man.... Reading first two paragraphs with some nice song ON, I was totally surprized or say shocked & immediately paused the music to make sure what am I reading...But I started third para and I just read the word 'Drive' & there I figured out.. :D
    Totally jhakass blog buddy...
    And yes I agree that your love & concern for your beloved CIVIC - is unbeatble.
    hmm... wanna see that time when your first two para are really in 'different' context :)

  2. Now, Now! Men r fickle! aren't they??? Loyalty to thy car is something totally lost on you all. the moment some sleek, flashy hotwheel crosses your way, your tongues drop to the floor. You ogle, whistle, chase it and pass lewd comments. Imagination hits ceiling and you cant wait to get inside her (behind the wheel...duh!).
    Only a matter of time till you either you fall back in the race while some gallant and deserving gentleman overtakes you by miles and leaves you in smoke or you realize the hollowness of ur pursuits :P.

  3. Hehehe ... i had short affair(3 months) with your love in 2009 and then i had to leave her forever :(