Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Today the 10th of October 2006 my dear Coffee Mug of 1.5 years left for its heavenly abode at 6:30 AM in the morning. It is survived by 4 of its other mates. The last rites were given by sweeping the floor and then throwing away the rest of the stuff in the dustbin! May his/her (never thought about a Coffee Mug's sex!) soul rest in pieces.

I am very sad today, and I thought I pay homage to this brave cup (which survived through chai and coffee with me for soo long!) by writing a blog about it. I stood for 2 minutes in silence for the Mug, and I got late to office (can you come up with a more amazing excuse than this?)!

Saturday and Sunday mornings would never be the same again for me! Me and my faithful Mug have spent many a weekend mornings reading newspapers, talking on the phone, and last but not the least, me dipping the delicious piece of toast in the hot chai that the Mug so fondly held.

As Toni Braxton would like to put it..

Un-break my Mug, say you'll love me again...
Un-cry these tears, I cried so many nights!


  1. Why do U always think about wat u’ve loved in the past?
    Noooo, that’s wrong…
    U can’t reach it
    It's dead and gone....
    Chill Dude!V will gift U the one on 30th March :P

  2. Though Girish sounds little stupid, it shows that when he loves something, he puts his heart in it. Keep it up boy.

    By the way Dips will gift one mug on 30th March, what would you do by that time during your weekends? A Lonely morning for the toast without the loving mug!!! :-)

    [hmm... in a way it's really sad ;)]

  3. Thanks guys! But I do not intend to wait till 30th March next year to get a Mug :) !! Will do that the next time that I go to a mall :) !!

  4. Dont you gals read that the dead cup is survived by 4 of his/her (ya, me too never thought of the cup's sex,,,guess it should be 'It') comrades. Girish is gonna make do with the rest now.