Monday, October 9, 2006

You are the reason nothing gets done!

Another week goes, and I don't get my stuff done! I am so damn busy (or think I am!) that I do not get 15 minutes to update my blog! I have this to-do list which just keeps on extending, I have so many unread emails that I need to respond to, billion other small things that I need to do and I realize I am in no control of my life.

And then I come across this small video on YouTube and I get enlightened! I am the reason I did not get my stuff done :(! Yes get in control before you are too late!

Well here is the video:

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  1. wooow - "I am the reason I did not get my stuff done :(! "

    So you believe, you are the reason for it.. Gr8. The way you saw reason for something not being done, You can also start looking at the reasons which makes things done because of you, for you/others. And feel happy about it.

    And Unlike the video, you are quite organized (I think so :-)).