Monday, August 28, 2006

Knock knock!!

If anyone of you (I mean the two of you who actually read my blog :) !!) has noticed, my "about me" says that I am the God of Procrastination. The God title was meant to be an obvious exaggeration, but the way I postpone things left right and center, I guess, I am soon gonna be the God.

Its been almost 1 month since I wrote anything here!! Well well, I have the usual excuses of being soo tied up in work that I didn't find time to eat, sleep etc etc, but the truth is ... I use a to-do list, and the fun part of having it is ... things written on it are always to-do, they cant be ever done :) !!! I incidentally wrote "write a blog" there, and thats it, once a to-do, always a to-do.

Sorry for the stupid joke, let me go back to sleep ... zzzzzz...

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