Saturday, August 5, 2006

3 years and counting!

In the world of Computers, 3 years is a long time! Just imagine, three years back...

1) I couldnt imagine writing a blog
2) Web 2.0 was not in the picture
3) Google was just a search company
4) I didnt know what is SAP
And the list goes on...

Well well, why am I getting all nostalgic (and misty eyed;) !!) today?? That is because, today (4th August 2006) I complete 3 years of working in my first company. The firm that picked me out of my college as a fresher... Trained me, and put me where I am now :) !!!

Yippee... 3 years gone, nothing achieved, but time to celebrate!!

Time goes so fast, I grow old sooo soon :( !! I have already completed half the life expectancy of an average Indian male :( !!

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