Sunday, October 30, 2016

Segregate at Source

We have been segregating our trash at home for over a year now. We make sure that we separate the recyclable items and don't trash them along with the rest of the waste (mostly organic). Then once a week we go deposit our recyclable items in the nearest recycle deposit box in our neighborhood.

While Singapore doesn't have laws for mandatory segregation of trash at source, I understand that many countries already have them in place. Even if not mandated by law, I believe that it is a good practice. Because, if you don't segregate at source there is a high chance that all your trash either goes to a landfill or is incinerated.

Since I started doing this, I have noticed that we have reached a point in our evolution where the amount of stuff that we can recycle is actually more than the amount that we can't. A lot of packaging material, plastics, glass and metal can be recycled. Also a lot of electronic waste is taken back by agencies these days. Also, if you have a garden or a plot of land you can actually compost a lot of your organic waste (unfortunately, we can't yet!).

As we inch closer to the irreversible effects of climate change affecting us. Let's all do our part by at least - reducing, reusing and recycling our waste! And that goes with the paper towels for drying your hands as well.

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