Sunday, September 4, 2016

Gift giving

While I am very convinced by the idea of buying gifts for others, I firmly believe that most of the times I have no clue what to gift to other people. Just the other day, I attended two birthday parties. One for a 1 year old and the other for a 1 month old. Abiding by the social norms, we bought gifts for both of them. The 1 month old got a teether. The 1 year old got a dress.

Now, I am quite sure both of them have had enough teethers and dresses gifted to them already. I just added more to their stuff just to confirm to social norms. But the sad part was, we spent a few hours choosing the "perfect" gift, though completely knowing that those kids would already have something like that.

I am now totally convinced that in this age of social media, we should all have a "Wishlist" online of the things that we wish to buy openly shared with our social circle. Also, it should be perfectly acceptable to just give money as a form of gift so that the recipient can go and buy what they desire. This would lead to people accumulating less stuff, and clueless people like me not spending hours in the wrong aisle of a supermarket wondering what to gift!

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