Saturday, September 10, 2016

Banana Dilemma

I try to eat Bananas in my breakfast on weekdays. It's been a while since I switched to eating oats for breakfast. Now oats by themselves are quite tasteless to eat. So I decided to put in some cut fruits. I chose bananas because they are easy to peel and cut in the morning rush, taste good and are known to be instant sources of energy and happiness.

If you are still eating sugary cereals for breakfast, I would highly recommend switching to oats. Besides, the health benefits of oats, one of the major reasons why I love them for breakfast is - they keep me full till lunch. I don't feel like having a mid morning snack ever.

Anyway, this post ain't about the oats. It's about the bananas. Now, the "organized" being that I am, I try to grocery shop for the next week on a Sunday. That way, we don't need to worry about groceries during the weekdays. So every Sunday I buy a bunch of bananas (5-6) with the thought that they will last me till the Friday of the next week.

However this is the problem with bananas - When I buy, they are green. Monday, Tuesday, they ain't ripe enough. So I eat unripe bananas for breakfast. Wednesday they are perfectly ripe. Thursday and Friday I eat overripe bananas. So my perfect breakfast only happens on the mid of the week. Rest of the time, I am struggling with unripe or overripe bananas.

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