Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whiteboard Markers

As a part of my job, I get to meet people and convince them how our software can best solve their business problem. So besides spending time to prepare for that very short hour that I get to meet them, I also need to be prepared for all eventualities so that I can walk out of the meeting room at the end of the hour with a convinced customer.

While the regular presentations and live-demonstrations have their needed impact, I have realized that drawing things on a whiteboard when a customer asks a question has it's own charm. Not only does it help to visualize complex problems easier, but also it adds a certain level of interactivity that presentation slides lack. Now, over the last several years, I have been to countless meeting rooms and seen thousands of whiteboards. If there is one consistent thing that I have always noticed is - the white board markers never ever work.

I can safely make it into a corollary - "A randomly kept whiteboard marker next to a whiteboard in a meeting room will never work".

So, if you are in a job like mine, always carry a working whiteboard marker with you. Trust me, it will make you look good and well prepared to do your perfect presentation!

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