Monday, June 6, 2016

New Adventures

Been more than a month since I posted here. This time, I disappeared because around April I switched jobs. After spending more than a decade in SAP related jobs, I finally made the switch and came out of my SAP pond. Now I am a frog in a completely new pond and learning the new ecosystem.

Learning new stuff at this age is tough. But it has been exciting. I am learning a lot of new things and at a very fast pace. I have become a full-time student (sort of) because day time I work, and night time, I read to gear myself up for the challenge. Kind of reminds me of my blog about - the problem with experience. To put it in perspective - I have learnt a lot more in the last 1.5 months than what I got to learn in the last 1.5 years on my previous job.

Anyway that shouldn't be an excuse for not writing. So, here I am back again, shall post more often and thank you for being there!

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