Tuesday, March 31, 2015

50 shades of brown

Last 2 months have been quite fun for me in terms of outdoor activities that I could do on weekends. My normal weekends are quite lazy with getting up late, browsing worthlessly on social media and watching funny YouTube videos. This follows the cleaning, washing and mundane house keeping stuff.

However as luck would have it, since first weekend of February I have been going out in the sun almost every weekend. So it has been – exploring ancient ruins, trekking, swimming, kayaking, laying around on a beach and just generally being in the sun.

Depending on the clothes that I wore at that time, I have effectively had levels of tan on my body. For e.g. I did a weekend with trousers followed by shorts, then I have “darker tan lines” indicating the place where the trouser ended, then lighter ones with the place where my short ended on the legs. The more I stay outdoors the stronger the original tan becomes.

While legs and hands with these shades can be ignored, I have some funny tan lines on my face based on the cap that I wore and swimming goggles on subsequent weekends. Effectively, now I have the privilege of having multiple shades to show off, than just one brown. I wonder if Indian fairness creams can help me this time!

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