Thursday, February 26, 2015

Naming convention

Anyone who has been to a coffee shop and given your name to the barista there knows exactly what I am talking about. They never spell your names right. I thought the baristas got my name wrong because I am an Indian and Girish is not really that common a name like let’s say Rahul.

But then after having coffee with dozens of other people with even simple sounding English names being horribly misspelt, I kinda figured that it’s like a “ritual” for them to get back at you. In one Starbucks I kinda got friendly with the barista and one fine day asked him why can’t he get my name correct. To this he gave a friendly suggestion that they don’t care what my name is as long as I can be uniquely identified amongst the orders. So he suggested I use “Gary” instead. It kinda made sense so the next time when I went around I told him I am “Gary”, only to have “Curry” written on my cup. Anyway, that’s the last time I used “Gary” and thought it was better to have my real name misspelt.

Recently I came across this gem of a video which has a hilarious take on this misspelling problem. Give it a look.

Starbucks Naming Convention

And today I had the fortune to go Starbucks twice and this is what I got:

Morning Name        Evening Name

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