Monday, June 11, 2012

Mosquito Magnet

Continuing with my rant on my animal attractiveness, for years I have noticed that mosquitoes love biting me. So much so that, every time I went out with a group of friends, I would be the one who would complain about mosquitoes biting while others were leisurely enjoying the trip. I am like a mosquito magnet, and if someone wants to have a good time outdoors without the hassle of applying mosquito repellent cream, they just invite me along.

Most of my good intentioned friends advised me that mosquitoes target me because I am fat. Their logic was - fat people = big = more blood = feast for mosquitoes. So apparently mosquitoes look for fat people and then they party (Yeah, once I heard a mosquito sing – “I got a feeling, tonight's gonna be a good night” - when she was biting me).

Being the gullible being I am, I meekly submitted to my fate, till I actually bothered to look it up on the internet. Apparently mosquitoes have 3 types of sensors. One of the sensors that people like me stimulate is because we emit more of Carbon Dioxide and Octen. Finally, I have figured that its not my size that attracts them (Unless you argue that Carbon Dioxide emitted by a person depends on his size!). So I blame my Octen.

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