Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crow dropping syndrome

These days, I have been blessed by a lot of crow excreta dropping on me at odd places. So a few times it happened while I was casually walking outside in the evening, and once it happened in office during my lunch break. And all this in the last few months. I looked up if crow droppings have any religious significance, and lo behold it actually does. Can you believe I am gonna be ridiculously rich real soon (or not!)?!!

I didn’t find any research on the internet about statistical probability of bird droppings on humans (PhD aspirants – nice topic for you to research!).  So for a while I thought I had a very active outdoor life and hence the probability of me being blessed by crows was high. But the reality remains that I am a lazy bum and I hardly bother to go out in the park.

I think I am the kind of target that crows like to drop on. My head from above looks like the fly in the loo that we have been trained to pee on. I guess while crows feel like attending nature’s call they patiently perch on trees awaiting potential targets (like my big head) to approach them. And then while we walk across, they compete to drop perfectly on our heads. Sometimes they succeed and sometimes they don’t. That explains the soiled shoulders and backs besides the heads. I have realized that I should never ever make the mistake of looking at the sky with my mouth wide open (yeah, star gazing not for me).


  1. Hi Girish,
    it might be that you emit some other chemical similar to Octen which attracts crows also ;) Alwyn

    1. Hehe!! I never thought about that one. My head might be an attractive potty :) !!