Friday, February 17, 2012

The Low Suger problem

Yes. Most Indians like sugar in their caffeinated drink. I am no exception. Though I have stopped taking sweet coffees, I still completely enjoy my tea with a lot of milk and a little-bit of sugar.

We had non-sweetened coffee machines in our campus before. That meant that we had a self-serve container for sugar kept beside the dispenser for people to add sugar to their own tastes. But as a part of cost cutting measures, a big bad vendor managed to win our contract this time around and in one single day, all the coffee machines were replaced by this big-bad vendor’s new slender machines.

The Low Suger Drink

Now I am a caffeine junky. On an average I drink 3-4 cups of coffee everyday. The new coffee machines are designed to dispense sweetened coffee only. The vendor’s default setting makes the drink so sweet that it actually tastes like coffee flavoured kheer.

Desperate to get my daily dose of caffeine I actually toured our entire facility to find a place where I could get decent coffee. I finally chanced upon a machine labelled “Low Suger” coffee. Happy to find coffee of the non-kheer variety I poured myself a cup of hot vending machine coffee only to find that it was as sweet as the other “High Suger” machines.

Now along with the cups that need to be washed, the high sugar coffee has actually forced me to cut down on my coffee drinking habits. And I am sure there will be more people on the campus who must have faced the same dilemma. So, not only are we collectively cutting down on our coffee expenses, but also we are unknowingly caring for the environment (lesser use of vending machines means lesser use of electricity and lesser washing of cups!).

If you think hard enough there is a positive side to everything in life!

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