Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 29th February Post

I wasn’t intending to write anything today, till it dawned on me that if I don't, I wont be able to write anything on a 29th February till the next leap year in 2016.

And how special was the day for me? Hmm, I got up late (these days I have been ignoring my alarm with alarming accuracy!) then I scrambled to get ready for office. Reached office a little later than usual only to find tonnes of work waiting for me. Paced myself the entire day hoping to leave office on time. However, (like always) had to stay late to finish all the work for today! Then drove home. Got stuck in traffic. Didn’t do anything rest of the evening and finally I am writing this blog post. So much for spending a special day that comes once every 4 years.

So I went down the nostalgia path to see what I was doing 4 years ago on the 29th. Apparently, it was my last working day in the land of dreams – USA. Life goes on. Its been 4 years since I left Uncle Sam’s land. I have become older (wiser? naah).

I hope we all have a very rocking 29th February 2016. If I am still blogging till then, we shall revisit this blog post. Till then – have fun and thank you for reading!

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