Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogger’s block

I dont exactly qualify as an “author” to have a writer’s block. But what I have been facing lately has got to do something with my inability to update my blog. I know I have had a hectic last month, but I am sure if I think hard, I could have easily made way for an hour of updating my blog. But each time that I sat down saying now I am gonna write something over here, I spent an hour seeing Lady Gaga videos and just generally fooling around on the internet.

I researched on the internet about “Blogger’s block” and if it exists. Mighty Google told me it does and I indeed came across some very well written articles about how to overcome it. Some of my veteran blogger friends might find these posts useful.

So I decided I blabber a bit here. One of the tips to overcome blogger’s block is to write outside of your niche. Now, long term readers of my blog know that my niche is – cracking fat jokes about myself. (I know I have repeated them to such an extent that most of you shun away when I open my mouth). So without further ado, I am gonna write about - Theology.

According to Wikipedia, Theology is the systematic and rational study of religion and its influences and of the nature of religious truths. Deep indeed. My knowledge of theology is limited to understanding its meaning. So I leave it at that.

While I was researching about my article about Theology, I chanced upon what does the ado (in without further ado) stands for. Apparently ado stands for “fuss” or “delay”. If you spell your further ado as “further adieu”, you are using the French word for goodbye. So your statements actually mean “without further goodbye”. Thanks fluffy for explaining that to me.

And this also means two other things – I came over my blogger’s block by writing this idiotic post and I actually got you interested in theology. See! Life is simple. Now if I keep this post as a draft too long, I am sure I am gonna delete it. So just as I finish this sentence I press the “Publish” button. Here it is.

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  1. Bingo! I very much know what a blogger's block is. In fact, I am going through that for last 1 year now. I keep a promise to myself that I will be back, but haven't yet come back.

    Btw, your blogposts also contain maximum links :) If not all but many times those are useful :P

    Keep writing buddy, even though you write about same fat jokes about yourself, they are still unique the way you write them :)
    Theology is not that interesting but word 'ado' was .. ha ha..

    Good read, thanks for not keeping it 'draft' :)