Monday, March 7, 2011


This time around when I bought a new pair of sports shoes, I promised myself that I will make sure that I buy a new pair within one year. Hidden deep inside this promise was the premise that I would use them soo much that they will wear out in a year and I would then have to buy a new pair. So why did I have this sudden craze for shoes?

Well, the last pair of sports shoes I had lasted me for 5 years. Even when I threw them away (donated to charity), they looked as good as new. And mind you, they were white. So to make them look new, I had to go through special efforts which included – never using them at all. I finally got bored of them, and decided to get a new pair (everybody needs change!). Which also meant that I felt guilty for wasting money on something that I didn’t actually need. That’s where the mental resolution to “use” them came in.

Now I have had this new pair for close to 6 months. I have (ahem!) hardly used them. I happened to find them today again and could see that they were shiny like new. Since exercising isn't my cup of tea, I decided I wear them and go for a walk (stroll!). After walking for a while, I however realized that I have been dragging my feet around a lot (as if I am moonwalking in the front!). Subconsciously my mind has been already busy trying to “wear” out my shoes! So much for my resolution! tch tch!

Michael Jackson Moonwalking


  1. Same pinch!!! my older pair of shoes were left stranded in the office gym for so long tht i forgot about them when i quit the company. then i bought a snazzy new pair and took on a brand new gyn membership. and shoes are looking pretty and spotless in my shoe rack and the current membership is also bout to expire.
    lets do some hiking and trekkin to utilize our shoes b4 they go out of fashion!

  2. Yeah lets do some hiking. But at my age I can only walk a km before I need a full day's meal and an energy drink. And I will not carry my own food, I need someone to carry it for me :) !!