Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sports Blog

So the place where I work judiciously filters and blocks each and every website through websense. Probably the only domain that we are allowed to visit is Google and Wikipedia. My blog URL being on Blogspot before, was obviously blocked under “Blogs and Social Media” Filter category.

Since I bought my girishm.in domain, I was of the opinion that it must be no longer blocked. But I hardly ever got any time in office to go and check if it was really so. Today after lunch, while I was day dreaming, I decided to checkout my blog. Well, websense seems to have crawled to my new URL and has already started blocking girishm.in.

The funny part however is, my blog has been blocked under the category “Sports”. Classifying my blog as “Sports” is like calling an elephant a thin animal. My blog is as anti-sport as it can be. But what the heck, I am happy, at least someone in this world feels that I am into sports. Here is the screenshot captured to make me happy for eternity!


Absolute bliss!

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