Thursday, December 23, 2010

The I-don't-care syndrome

So I am back again in Mumbai in the exact same area where I spent all my teenage years. Now after more than a decade after my teenage, I can actually retrospect about my naivety then.

As a college going youngster, I was always very particular to be prim and proper each time I left my house. I was conscious about the way I looked, the clothes I wore, the way I walked and even the company I kept. In my mind I was a superstar and everyone around me, right from the neighbourhood dhobi, was a fan. My every step was followed by a dozen paparazzi.

Now, I guess I have understood my fallacy. Over the doggone years I realized that nobody really cares about what you do how you look or who you hang out with. Everyone is bothered about their own life and about their own looks. These days, I have developed that “I-don’t-care-about-anything” attitude. So generally when I walk out I am unkempt with least attention to anything. I just go about doing my own stuff. Places like malls and theatres where I wouldn’t have dared to step inside in my PJs I walk in casually in anything these days.

And now I wonder, all those precious minutes that I spent thinking about myself in my teenage, I could have utilized for doing higher good in life!! Tch, tch – too late!

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