Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holy Dog!

One often asked question by my foreign acquaintances is – Do you have cows on Indian roads? I believe every non-Indian is taught only two things about our country – All Indians are born computer geniuses and we let cows on our roads because they are holy to all of us. An excellent explanation of why we have cows on road is given here. But, my general observation has been – we have no cows on the roads in Mumbai. We have a lot of clowns inside cars that do not obey any traffic rules whatsoever (that includes this clown as well).

As far as animals on the roads in Mumbai are concerned, we do have a lot of dogs. We have dogs dogs everywhere. We fondly call them “stray dogs”. Stray because, you dare not stray close to them lest you accidentally step into their pee-marked territory and they tear you apart. And if you end up going into their territory with your car, the moment you get down, they “own” your car by peeing on your tyres. After that, getting into the car is an exercise altogether.

There are places around my house which are inaccessible from sundown to sunrise because dogs own them. If cows are holy to me, then I guess dogs are holier.

Stray Dogs


  1. There are cows, you need to know where to look them for.
    Ghatkopar-E :)

  2. Haha ok, I go down to Ghatkopar-E to pay my regards to cows on the road :) !! You come down to Navi Mumbai to say hi to the dogs.