Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lip-syncing idiot

I have discovered that I love to sing along with the music that I listen to. Earlier in my life however I have also figured that I have been blessed with a voice that can make a donkey’s braying sound more melodious (for people who haven’t ever heard a donkey bray or heard me sing (I pity you!) .. here is a YouTube video for you!)

So to not subject people around me to the atrocity of listening to me bray, I have learnt to lip-sync to the songs that I love to sing along, at times putting in all the emotions to add effect :) !! So if its a love song, my face goes all animated and if its a metal song I play the air guitar and head bang :) !! The kid in the video gets all animated about AC/DC’s TNT

The last decade of my life, these antics were limited to the places that I heard music to – in my shower, in my room, and most of the times in my beloved car. But times have changed and the only place where I get to listen to music now is in the friendly MRT. That reminds me, the trains over here don’t swing as much as our local trains in India do. So people can stand close to each other without holding onto the handles (which means no smelling armpits :) !!).

The problem of being all animated and lip-syncing in the MRT is that people not only stare at me, but at times in crowded MRTs, I get extra space to perform my antics. Haha, I bet most of them consider me to be a special child. Not that I am complaining ….

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