Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey gals!

So now Mark Shuttleworth lands up in a mess because he refers to programmers in general as "guys".And then he refers to naive Linux users as moms and grand moms rather than dads and grand dads :) !! Haha and the feminists around the world term him as a male chauvinist and he draws a lot of flak for a relatively harmless statement!

During my MBA I realized that all textbook authors make it a point to label all third party references to people as women. So if a sentence goes "And if the manager wanted a report, she could ..blah blah" or “Your customer is important. You cant let her walk away that easily… blah blah”. The point is, every single person in textbooks these days is a woman just so that the author is not labeled a sexist.

Now, I bet most of ya folks have the habit of referring to everyone as "Hey guys!" in general, even when you don't specifically mean them to be "guys" (as in men!). However, I have resolved that from now on, I shall start my emails with "Hey gals" even if there is not a single trace of a gal in the group :) !! This is in addition to my earlier resolution that everything I possess shall be of the feminine gender.

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  1. When I am mad at Rich and Aric ... I call them girls ...LOL