Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Have been feasting on a lot of sushi in my life lately and I thought I dedicate a blog post to the wonder herb “Wasabi”. Being an Indian used to eating Medu Vada (Vadai for the Singaporeans) dipped in a bowl full of coriander chutney, I had to specially adapt to eating a tiny morsel of wasabi elegantly stirred in soy sauce considering that wasabi can be easily mistook for the yummy chutney. However, that is where the similarity ends.

Wasabi Coriander Chutney

Three of my friends I bet can still recall the horror of gulping down a mouthful of wasabi in the friendly neighborhood Benihana only to be snickered at by the helpful waiters while they were crying and grasping for breath. Wasabi is something that can easily give you the feeling of seeing stars in front of your eyes, and I have experienced it many times when I eagerly dip sushi in the soy sauce only to later realize that I hadn’t stirred the wasabi that well.

For me, sushi has been an acquired taste. I couldn’t stand the taste of seaweed for a long while but now somehow I have started liking the odd taste that it got. I still however haven’t graduated to eating raw fish and sashimi. So I guess some of you veteran sushi eaters still look down upon me :)

Update (01/19/2010): I came across this website that has made a nice info graphic for people to eat sushi the “right” way. May be this might help you in your quest to eat sushi the next time around….


  1. I cannot read this and keep quiet about the error of stirring. You do not stir wasabi in soy sauce - that is a horrible mistake made by many people. You put the wasabi on the fish, then you dip in soy sauce.

  2. According to a wise sage "Katsu"hiro old fashion ways.. if u are having sashimi.. it is ok to do the gigi way.. however.. if u are having sushi.. the angie way works better.. :)

  3. Ok so I guess I still have a lot to learn. Somehow I never bothered to Google "How to eat sushi" that's why all the confusion :) !!