Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ants for breakfast

So I have been having ants dipped in warm milk as breakfast for a while. Before you jump to conclusions, let me explain. I kinda forgot to close my packet of cornflakes properly one day, and in no time I had an ant colony infestation.

Being from the land of the great Gandhi, I tried to be nice and left the packet open for a while to let the ants get out non-violently. I also displayed a small protest-signboard which read “Please leave my breakfast! Thank you for your cooperation.” But to my utter dismay, that just got more of their relatives in. Now I had more ants to deal with.

My mom has this habit of seeing the National Geographic channel while eating lunch or dinner. So while we are busy eating scrambled egg, a big ugly snake is happily munching away on frog eggs on the television (I had the wicked idea of putting the image right here in my blog, but then I figured it might be disturbing for some people. So here is the link for people who are interested :) !! Have you noticed that frog eggs look like pearl tapioca ;) ).

Pearl Tapioca

I have gotten so used to seeing other species feasting on something gross while I am eating, that I guess I wouldn’t mind sitting across the table while a bunch of hyenas feast on a dead deer. I have also grown immune to seeing dead insects (yeah that includes cockroaches) in my food (thanks to have regularly eaten canteen food in India and abroad) that they have stopped bothering me as well.

All in all, this is my daily routine now -

  1. Warm the milk for 2.5 minutes in the microwave
  2. Open the box of cornflakes and pour the cornflakes along with the ants into the warm milk
  3. Merrily watch the ants die of burns the instant they land in the milk
  4. Have breakfast
  5. Burp!

Ok. I am not that carnivorous. I have discovered that ant corpses float on milk. So you can use the spoon and sieve them out without having to actually eat them. But I hope you get the idea :) !!

Update: I can’t believe this post of mine would have generated so much controversy. Its supposed to be a joke! I do not eat ants, neither do I watch them die. The blog post was a fragment of my imagination when I saw ants entering my cornflakes box!


  1. Isn't that disgusting eating ant corpses :(..Reminds me of dead bodies floating in the Ganges ... OK.. thts too much ...

  2. I have hrd that eating ants helps to prolong life.
    Now you will remain young forever.
    No wonder seeing you reversing from Ajoba to a Kid:P
    chk this to improve ur "Ant" recipe.

  3. @Pam - Hey I could have said "dead ants" but it wouldn't have sounded so gross and graphical - that's why "corpses" ;) !!

    @Anonymous - The curious case of Girish :) !!

  4. Well, when I was a kid they told me that eating ants floating in food improves the singing voice...

  5. I should have known about it 2 decades ago. May be I wouldn't have grown up to be a lip-syncing idiot :) !!