Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I was in a hurry to send an email from my newly assigned laptop to my boss today and mistakenly pressed “Change all” in the automatic spell check routine that gets activated the moment I click on “Send”. Rest of the mail went fine (sorta) except that the mail was addressed:

Dear fluke,

blah blah blah blah ….

Thanks and regards,

Girlish Mudguard.


Well I always knew I had a feminine side, but messing with my last name was totally uncalled for!


  1. AH KNEW IT!!!! finally he admits to being Girlish!!! good...from now on dont blame Miss K for dousing u in strawberry scented body spray!

  2. @Nids -- Can't believe you remember the strawberry body spray incident. Miss K .. hope you remember how angry I was with thee :)

    @Vaibhav -- Thanks :) !!

  3. That was priceless...:) Would do it again if I get a chance...
    Don blame me too much I am sure you had an easier time getting all those signatures You needed that day... ;)

  4. Funny! Didn't it change your boss's name too? :-)