Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Conspiracy theory

I spent greater part of today morning doing amongst one of the most boring tasks known to mankind – ironing my clothes. We can put a man on the moon 40 years back; we can make a man go faster in water but we still can’t make a shirt that does not crease? You are kidding me right?

This my dear is a big conspiracy. We can make wrinkle-free clothes. But there is a higher power that does NOT want us to have wrinkle free clothes. Guess why? Well because we (the human species) are ruled by a little known race which has manifested itself amongst us as Irons. Yeah, those innocuous looking irons in our homes are nothing but an alien species acting big brother and keeping an eye on all of us. And each time that you iron your clothes, they spray microscopic organisms onto your clothes which keep an eye on you for the rest of the day.

Speaking of conspiracy theories there is one more that I would like to highlight. I bet the per capita sweater ownership in Singapore must be amongst the highest in the world. Errr, considering that Singapore is a tropical country its kinda weird isn’t it? That’s where the conspiracy comes in. Every public place, may it be a mall, a movie theater, the bus or even the train is cooled at sub-zero temperatures to support the sweater manufacturers. So either you freeze to death or wear a sweater.

And do you know that even sweaters need to be ironed?


  1. Dude... your brain officially fried and you just gave us the evidence online. Get some rest in a cold place, like a fridge, and try to rethink this Iron-conspiracy thing. One thing you can do is just ignore them and not iron anything... saves time and limit the iron-dudes invation (I guess).

  2. i think it was ur brain that was crinckled when u wrote this peace....congratulations u have the "Irons" all figured out, all u need now is to make a deal with them to let u go...