Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pain ball

So I went for the latest craze in town – Paintball. Here is what happened in 8 easy sentences:

  1. Got up at 07:00 AM.
  2. Spent an hour travelling to the arena by road.
  3. Spent 1 more hour waiting for our chance of the action.
  4. Spent 1/2 an hour listening to the briefing – do’s and don'ts of paintball.
  5. Entered the arena.
  6. Got shot 5 times in 53 seconds.
  7. Sat 2 more hours for everyone else to finish.
  8. Travelled an hour back.

Now I got 5 bruises on Mr. T which proclaim my stupidity. I bet for my opponents I was just a sitting duck waiting to be shot at (target practice!). Or worst still, I looked like a grazing cow! But I consider myself to be a brave soldier. It takes more than guts (read sheer stupidity) to go head on into the line of fire of 5 Singaporean active military personnel poised to shoot anyone coming in there (It takes suicidal instincts :) !!).

All and all I figured I am not the paintball kind of a guy (I know that's what losers say ;) !). I am more of the bowling kind.


  1. Man...bowling was sooooo much fun..come down soon dude, its time for another duel

  2. Well i would think he is more like a BUFFALO who ruminates online :)).

    These aggresive activities are not for u dear! U stick to being ur geeky self na (requiring surgical separation from his laptop!).

    Y venture out for adventure???

  3. @Abhi - Yeah bowling was fun. I miss bowling too :) !! Especially the gutter was quite attractive

    @Nids - I still am stuck to my laptop 16-18 hours a day, but then once a while I do try to let it go away, I don't want it to be emotionally dependent on me you see ;) !!

  4. There are 2 words that all you guys luv to use - Ruminating & procastinating. I would say both mean the same - in a sense. Why do u guys use these 2 words so often when you can use simpler words to describe the same ... ?????? is it a handover of TOEFL?

    You guys know me well so will keep my identity a secret.