Thursday, November 6, 2008

Outsourcing done right!

I have been using Sify Mail well over 8 years now, and lately their web interface was really getting completely outdated. Added to the constant spam I was getting, it was really a frustrating experience to open up my inbox anymore!

This week I noticed a sudden change in my inbox. Though I am no expert at webmail, I have a feeling that they migrated their email to "Google Apps for business". Suddenly my inbox is a lot cleaner, my spam gets filtered properly, speeds have improved, mailbox size has increased and over all my Sify Mail experience is cleaner and richer again.

I bet they must have done a lot of research before they got to this decision. What really impresses me is that despite being an IT company, they did not continue developing and supporting a service like webmail in-house, but they outsourced it to a third party that could do the same a lot better (and I bet it must be much more economical for Sify too!).

Being an ex-IT company employee, I have seen many such in-house applications developed by in-house experts which do not stand up to the ease of use and feature set of easily available third party applications (both commercial and open-source!). However they continue to be used and supported (at the expense of a complete cost-center of talented employees supporting an aging application!). Supporting an application which has no future outside the 4 walls of the company is definitely a boredom inducer for the employees and very few of them stick around to support it! Not only are you making your other employees lose their productivity by using applications that simply suck, but you are also losing good employees in the team that is supporting this dead application! I bet investing in an alternative would be much more productive and economical!

I feel that all businesses should stick to what they can do best, and not waste their time and energies on things that others can do better!


  1. Good one nd very true..Do u still dream about Darpan kya? :P

  2. aabe girish, u want to get hit? Is'nt anything more interesting happenning in ur life?

  3. Yeah here is the interesting stuff happening:

    Value-based Innovation
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    International Finance
    Leadership & Organizational Behavior
    Strategic Technology Management
    Economic Analysis

  4. show-off!! tu kitna kuch padh raha hai wo sab ka show off kar raha hai

    Things r changing everywhere - slowly and steadily.. so let's see where they go!

    mr. ex IT employee - your suggestions when applied to the corporate will definitely make a difference since when u join back anywhere - probably u will have a powerful position to change things.

    all the best. We will continue supporting few things as-is by then ;-)