Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breakfast dreams

I am no guru of Motivation theory, but if there is one thing I know for sure, I need more than motivation to get me up on time in the mornings. Now with the grueling routine that I am currently in, its getting all the more harder everyday to keep on snoozing and then rushing up my morning act later :).

Ever since I discovered the joys of a breakfast (that's after the healthy eating fad caught on me) I figured that if I am going to have a mouth watering breakfast, then I have all the more motivation to get up and out of my deep slumber. Every country that I go to, I always have that one breakfast that I really love. So in the US it was always "Kellogg's Frosted Mini-wheats (Strawberry Delight)" dipped to perfection in a 2% Reduced fat bowl of milk heated to exactly 180 seconds in my ancient microwave and in India it was "Nutri Choice biscuits and tea".

Here in Singapore I was craving for a good breakfast for a week, but now I finally found my motivator: 2 Kaya toast and 1 Kopi-C :) !!! Maan, its heaven. Kaya is actually a coconut egg jam, and trust me it tastes real good (mind it, this is a starved Girish speaking :) ). As far as Kopi-C is concerned its just coffee made with condensed milk and sugar.

Now every night I sleep (tucked under my curtain) dreaming about the Kaya toast and Kopi-C that I am gonna have the next morning, and nowadays I just snooze for 20 minutes :) !!!

Kaya Toast and Kopi-C


  1. i hope u 'really' are enjoying it..

    for me, (who has to have heavy breakfast), it does not look appetizing. ;-)

  2. Reminds me of french toast with maple syrup...peanut butter toast sprinkled with cinnamon ..sounds familiar??

  3. Ummmm...sounds abt roti-canai or roti-prata...(i thnk they come in lot of flavors too) for times when you want to beat the humdrum..:)