Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diet Control

Though I regularly cook lunch or at least have one in the cafeteria everyday, the friendly vending machine still happens to be my chief source of nutrition (the bad kind!). So everyday around 4:00 PM, my stomach growls and then I go and spoil myself crazy with a high calorie snack or two.

Every time that the vending machine dispenses the oh-so-tempting forbidden fruit, I promise to myself that this will be the last time that I will ever eat outta the evil machine, but come tomorrow ... and the cycle continues... so much for self-control :) !!

But the last week has been funny! I have been outta dollar bills. The vending machine just accepts 1$ bills and loose change. So, though my stomach growls, the poor me can't feed the vending machine a credit card and make it spit out poison! And everyday in the evening I promise myself that I will get change tomorrow.

Today happens to be just one more time that I did that, and I suddenly realized that procrastination is not all bad. Sometimes it does good to your health :) !!


  1. :) .. mere pass hai.. leke ja if u want to feed that vending machine..

    ha ha (nice post)

  2. Jhuta...I bet you must get the packet of chips eat a couple and think...."if Smita was here she would have finished it.." :P

  3. I did something evil yesterday, by paying 20$ in our cafeteria to get a 40 cent toast :P !! The poor intern guy had to pay me 9.60$ as change!! Yipppeeeee....

    And yeah Smita, you were that catalytic converter who ate away half of the fat that I consumed everyday :P !!! Maan, now there is no one to take care of that :(