Saturday, October 20, 2007


I know I lost some of my very loyal readers thanks to my being lazy and not writing a blog for one whole month. So I thought I give the rest of you some genuine excuses for my delay in writing ;). Please understand! There are 6 reasons I can think of as to why I didn't write a blog:

  1. My dog ate my blog (yikes, it rhymes!)
  2. My car felt that I was neglecting her because I spent too much time with the computer. So we spent some "quality" time together.
  3. My keyboard randomly put "l" while I was typing. "Slo thle blog thlat lI wlote clame lout llike thlis. lI knlow thlis slounds slupid blut thlats whlat hlappened. "
  4. My horoscope said that I should not write more than 2 blogs in the month of September.
  5. I was researching on the global warming problem and searching for alternate sources of energy.
  6. And the ultimate ... I was helping Steorn to violate the law of conservation of energy :) !!

The 6th point needs more elaboration. There is actually a small company in Ireland named Steorn, which claims to have found a novel way of producing energy without consuming any. If proven true it will violate our fundamental foundations of thermodynamics :) !!! Yippee, time to go back to college again.

I hope this is not a hoax, but somehow it reminds me of one Mr. Ramar Pillai (sorry no Wiki entry for him :( !!) who claimed that he could produce gasoline from a "magic" herb that he found in some village in rural India. He actually took the country for a ride for a couple of months (including a few IIT professors) only to be later proven to be a hoax.

And I hope at least one of you believed the 6 reasons I gave above were responsible for me not writing a blog :) !!!

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  1. I am not one of those who believed your reasons for not writing a blog.

    Give me the reasons for writing a blog and keep writing.. I will believe everything you say.

    Your imagination for fun is endless, why not give it the right amount of weight and energy and let yourself excel in it??

    I admire your skills for writing.