Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Here is a question..

What do you do when you come home from work at 2:00 in the afternoon after having worked for more than 12 hours? If you are a sane person you sleep for 2 hours and get up refreshed and ready to rock. But if you are me, you eat a lot of cornflakes.

I am not kidding. Its 4:00 PM now and for the last two hours I have been eating cornflakes. This is the third bowl of cereals that I am munching on, as I write this blog (hear the crunch, munch, crunch?). I have this stupid thing called bio-clock of my stomach, and it always yearns to eat the same kinda food at a particular time of the day. I somehow missed my regular dose of cereals in the morning today, and the only thing I can think of is cornflakes. I tried to get some sleep now, but I had a bad dream in which a giant Steve Jobs, in his trademark black turtle neck t-shirt was pouring huge flakes on me from a big box. And he was laughing aloud like a typical Hindi movie bad-guy (muha-ha-ha-ha-ha!). I was trying hard to survive ( watching a lot of Hollywood movies has told me that when anything falls on you, if you can't dodge it like Neo, then duck and cover thyself). I guess he too figured out what I was doing and then poured a lot of milk on me. Finally I startled and got over that dream. I do not know the significance of Steve Jobs in that dream, but I bet if you read Sigmund Freud he will have a rather esoteric explanation.

Anyways, now I am trying to save myself , by finishing off all the cereals that I have at home. Sorry for the worthless blabbering, but some how I guess cornflakes make me high :) !!

Goodnight. Sweet Dreams. Burp ...


  1. :)
    Nice.. I loved the post.

  2. Finally .. anonymous cows have also started reading my blog. Thank God!!

  3. Girish..

    Isn't it tooooooooo long that there has been a new post on your blog?

    What's wrong with you man? When you are so cheerful in life, why can't you see things around you about which you can write?

    Write !!! It's your talent..your field.. come on!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks everybody for your heartfelt comments. I am flattered. I will write a post soon. Thanks for pepping me up :) !!!

  5. IT's a month now.. I had heard that u were gonna write something on 16th october..

    Haddd hoti hai.. procrastination leads to nothing.

    GET UP!!! WAKE UP!!! Otherwise Close the BLOG... huh!!!