Thursday, July 22, 2021

Letting it go

 As I grow older I realize one of the most important part of the "being an adult" experience is the ability to just "let it go". In not so positive words - it is literally getting used to the feeling of helplessness.

I had an amazingly protected childhood. I generally got what I wanted and I grew up with this attitude that I can get what I want if I work hard towards it. So, my childhood was all about, setting a goal and working towards it. Then adulthood happened and as I grow older I realize - you can't achieve a lot of things that you think you can. It's not that you are not putting enough effort or you are not focused, but there are a billion things beyond your control.

As I sit and ruminate on my present state, I think the most important lesson that I have learnt over the last decade or so is that - you have to try hard for whatever you want to do or achieve. But if you can't you have to gracefully let it go. The "being adult" part is the letting it go and moving on part. The more you can do it faster, the better your life is going to be.


  1. Let me add one more element here, Adults shouldn't make things "SIGNIFICANT". That's where we fail big time! We make every thing significant. When we fail at something, we give so much of significance to that failure. And failure is so much personal for adults as we adults are always stuck in "Looking Good avoid Looking bad". We often make Failure as our Context and not handle it only as some Content that we have. Its like "I am a failure" whereas it should be "I have failure". It's all in our language, We create our world from our Language. When Ma Yashoda asked Lord Krishna to open his mouth for eating dirt, she was stunned to see Universe in his mouth. So the world we create is in our mouth on our Tongue. We can Switch language to switch our world!!!

    -Sandeep K.