Saturday, July 7, 2018

The Weird One

So, I managed to spend a few days with my nephews this week. They are growing up to be fine young men under the watchful parenting of my sister. Anyway, this post ain't about them, it's about me.

Growing up in an extended family, you always knew that one person (uncle) amongst your distant relatives that is labelled - weird. Every family used to have them (back in the days). They were weird mainly because they did something that was not considered normal, had an unusual lifestyle and sort of stood out from what the "khandaan" (family) valued.

They were the prodigal sons in Bollywood movies that would "Hamare puure khandaan ka naam tune mitti main mila diya" (You hurt our family name in the society!). And it just dawned on me, that I am the one in our extended khandaan that seems to be the one. The weird uncle.

I grew up being normal, but some how in the last decade I chose to drift. Now I am the weird one. Not that I am complaining or repenting (yet), I am just realizing!

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