Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Seems like I haven't written here forever.

As I grow older, I am slowly lacking discipline in my daily routines. While I can complain I am "busy", what I believe is - I am getting increasingly lazy and letting myself become the middle-aged man that I always dreaded to be.

Distractions have increased. Entertainment now takes higher priority than hobbies. Work seems to occupy more of my personal time than ever before. And things that I should be doing, get procrastinated while Work, YouTube and Reddit take precedence. Health also seems to have taken a back seat.

This is more of a wake up call for me (and for you) to not let life drift away, but continue to do things that matter to you (and to me) most! And if you haven't yet figured out what matters to you - may be you (and I) should do that right about now!

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