Sunday, December 4, 2016

Amazing Transformation

YouTube recommended me this video yesterday of Aamir Khan going through an amazing body transformation for his new movie Dangal. It is amazing to watch a fat middle-aged Aamir turn into a fit young Aamir in a matter of 5 minutes (well, okay the actual timeline is 5 months).

It's amazing, inspiring, and to be honest - near impossible unless you got absolute discipline, self-control and a whole lot of time and money. I feel it's inspiring for people who have been struggling with their weight for decades (yours truly). So here it is in all it's glory:

This transformation reminds me of the two greatest movie transformations that I have seen in my lifetime. First is Tom Hanks - in Cast Away. He managed to loose almost 23 kgs for his before and after in Cast Away. It was jaw dropping to see him that way in the movie!

Then, what I consider as the craziest set of body transformations yet - Christian Bale. He has been pushing his body to the limit of craziness by going through gains and losses for several of his movies.
I would recommend you see his transformations here.

In short he went from 83 kg (2002) - 55 kg (2004) - 86 kg (2005) - 61 kg (2006) - 86 kg (2008) - 66 kg (2010) - 108 kg (2013). I can't even imagine how he could do it for all his roles and such a short span of time!

Anyway, for minions like you and me. It's just a gentle reminder that anything is possible. And yeah - proper diet is more important than just doing regular workouts!

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