Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reddit - read better news!

Facebook is now the world's biggest media house just because of it's sheer power of distributing news across the globe than any other media company. Most of the world consumes its news (real or otherwise) from Facebook.

While I have also consumed news on Facebook, in the recent past I have actively stayed away from Facebook for a while to not let all the negativity affect me. I still use Feedly as my feed reader (after the Google Reader fiasco) to read my favorite bloggers and websites.

I have also been heavily reliant on Reddit to get my crowd-sourced news especially for the "breaking" stuff and to follow the news topics that I like. So I thought, I let you guys know about Reddit, if you have already not heard of it.

Reddit is like a community sourced news portal, where you have people voting for the articles and news that they like. Eventually the most voted news/ articles make it to the top of the front page which keeps changing all the while. Besides, Reddit also has these various "sub-reddits" where you can follow a community curated topic of your choice. So what on Reddit do I follow and I recommend?

Here are a few of my favorite sub-reddits that I recommend:

LifeProTips - Small quirky tips for managing your life
ExplainLikeImFive - Explanations on complicated topics given as if you are a 5 year old
TodayILearned - Something new to learn for the day
AskReddit - People asking questions on reddit, and getting answers!
UpliftingNews - Positive news of good things that happen in the world
History - Your daily dose of History lessons
Fitness - The name says it all
GetMotivated - If you need motivation, this is the right sub-reddit

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